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The Flowerpot Fairy

Flowerpot Inserts

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There are two options for our summer flowerpots:

Sunkissed:This flowerpot loves a sunny spot with at least 4 hours of sun. It includes dipladenia, lantana and periwinkle. The large flowerpots also include angelonia and dusty miller.

Summer Breeze: This flowerpot prefers a morning sun or shady spot. It includes a palm, dragonwing begonias, ferns and vinca major.

Flowerpot delivery will begin April 19.

Choose your insert size (based on the size of your planter*):
  • Square Insert: 12 3/8” wide at top, 8” wide at bottom, 11 1/8” tall
  • Small Round Insert: 11 1/4'” wide at top, 8” wide at bottom, 10” tall
  • Medium Round Insert: 13 3/4 “ wide at top, 9.5” wide at bottom, 12 ¾” tall
  • Large Round Insert: 16 1/8" wide at top, 11" wide at bottom, 13 3/8" tall

*Have your own planter? Learn how to measure it to make sure you select the best insert size. 

Need a planter? Add one of ours to your order! 


At the Flowerpot Fairy, we deliver beautifully planted flowerpot inserts right to your doorstep. We offer options for both one-time deliveries and seasonal subscriptions that will keep your space beautiful year-round.

    Care Instructions

    We will provide detailed care instructions with each arrangement.