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Container Garden Subscriptions in Oklahoma City

The Flowerpot Fairy delivers beautifully planted flowerpots to your doorstep every season. Sounds like magic, you say? Indeed! No more trips for you to the garden center to determine what plants are right for your space. Leave that task to us! Our experienced team has been designing and installing container gardens in the Oklahoma City area since 2014. We will select seasonal plants that will thrive, design a gorgeous flowerpot and drop it off at your door. Just like magic!


Four Season Flowerpot Insert Subscription 
With our four season container garden subscription service, we design and deliver four beautiful arrangements for your planter in a biodegradable insert. Each season, all you will need to do is pull out and dispose of last season’s planting (compostable insert and all) and insert the new container garden insert we delivered to your front door! For your first season with the subscription, you can add a new planter to your order, and we'll deliver it to your front door with the insert placed inside the planter. For the subsequent seasons, we will deliver the inserts and place them by your front door.

One-Time Only Flowerpot Insert
This is a great option if you need a gift, want to spruce up your look before guests come, or you are putting your home on the market. Maybe you want to try us out before committing to a four season subscription. If buying as a gift, please add the recipient’s address (and gate code, if applicable) in the "delivery instructions" field. We will include a gift enclosure with a one sentence message and recipient’s name if you would like to include that information in the "delivery instructions" field. Please note: If you need a planter to put your one-time insert in, you'll need to add one to your order.